Kate Ossello

Director of Sales

Kate Ossello received a Bachelor of Science in biochemistry from Gonzaga University. She has previous experience as a research scientist in a laboratory setting but currently is working to promote business development and sales for SilcsBio.

Abhishek Kognole, PhD

Applications Scientist, Computational Chemistry

Dr. Kognole brings molecular modeling, enhanced sampling and forcefield development experience to the SilcsBio team. He is passionate about integrating computational approaches with experiments for FASTER and BETTER drug design.

Oliver Tao, PhD

Applications Scientist

Dr. Tao provides expertise in computer programming, computer aided drug design, and software development. His passion is for designing software to streamline our partners’ drug discovery efforts.

KC Song

PMP Technical Team Manager

A founder and CEO of JayeonSoft where he led web application development and app solutions using Data Science APIs and video/audio control features. As part of his work leading Jayeon Soft, Song developed a multi-language translation platform for a Netflix partner.

– In addition, Song was a CTO at Wellxecon, a medical startup where he built an individual health age prediction platform, and led development of the business requirements of application logics with regard to health age, health scores and medical expenses predictions for a 10-year period.

– He also worked as a Team Manager at DACON, a data science company, and – was a Senior Manager of an overseas business team at Hyundai Development Company.

Tina Guvench

Technical Marketing Manager

Tina Guvench provides sales and marketing management. She has a Master’s of Science in Chemistry from the University of Washington- Seattle, and a Bachelor’s of Science in Biochemistry from the University of New England. She brings a broad scientific and technical background to meet customer needs.

Chris Ewing

Chief Marketing Officer

With over 15 years of experience in sales and marketing, Chris Ewing leads the sales and marketing efforts at SilcsBio. Chris’s background spans a diverse group of verticals including consumer products, aviation and communications, web, mobile, and embedded development, creative design, manufacturing, and lead generation.

Mark Juetten

Portfolio Development Manager

Dr. Juetten manages the growth of Silcs Bio’s portfolio by engaging in strategy decisions and partnership opportunities that focuses on increasing the value of the technology. He has a background in computational chemistry and experience commercializing early stage technology.

Mary Beth Wickless


A seasoned business and market analyst, Mary Beth works closely with the scientific and technical team to establish and refine business growth strategies and development pathways.

Alexander MacKerell, PhD

Chief Scientific Officer

Dr. MacKerell provides intellectual property and a deep understanding of the market’s technology. MacKerell is the Grollman-Glick Professor of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Director, Computer-Aided Design Center at the University of Maryland and a co-inventor of SilcsBio’s core technology.

Olgun Guvench, PhD

Managing Partner

Dr. Guvench is co-inventor of the SILCS technology. He has extensive expertise in force field-based molecular dynamics simulations.

Ken Malone, PhD

Chief Executive Officer

Ken Malone provides leadership and business operations expertise. He has engaged in the commercialization of hundreds of new products, and brings a broad experience base from 25 years in business operations, marketing, intellectual property management, M&A, finance and government affairs.

Kelli Booth

Chief Operations Officer

Kelli Booth provides sales, marketing and project management. Booth has a proven track record of bringing new products to market. She has a proven track record of successfully establishing business partnerships.