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We deliver expertise in computer-aided drug design

Guess work in drug discovery can be costly and time consuming. Our team is here to remove that for you. With us, your team gets:

  • Significantly enhanced visualization of novel binding sites of a protein being targeted for development of a new drug.
  • Unprecedented levels of detail using the SilcsBio computational physics-based algorithms for mapping proteins.
  • Superiorly designed small molecules optimized for affinity, specificity, and drug-like properties.
  • Maximized atomic interactions between ligand and target, using the SilcsBio drug design platform to reveal where changes can be made to boost drug-like properties without sacrificing affinity or specificity.
  • Facilitated formulation of biologics through comprehensive excipient and protein-protein interaction mapping.
computer-aided drug design services

Expert Services

The SilcsBio team provides expert services to make your structure-based drug design program more efficient, with increased speed and reduced costs.

We will put our software to work for you – taking the opportunity to interact closely with you and your team – to execute on and deliver results for your drug discovery projects.

Ultimately, it’s our priority to ensure we have a constant, open dialogue with our customers to understand and act on their specific research needs and objectives.

For small and mid-size pharmaceutical and life science research institutions, our team provides direct specialized expertise and advanced computational resources for:

drug design research
  • Target Mapping
  • Binding Hotspot
  • Hit Identification
    and Expansion
  • Single-Step FEP
  • Lead Compound
  • Protein-Protein
    Interaction Targeting
  • Allosteric Binding Site
    Identification & Targeting
  • GPCR Targeting
  • Force Field Development
  • Molecular Dynamics
  • In Silico Biologics
  • Homology Modeling

The SILCS Approach

Patented SILCS technology works in tandem with SILCS-Biologics, CGenFF and SSFEP for end-to-end drug design workflow or any point in the drug design process – from hit identification to lead optimization.

  1. Target Analysis and Mapping

    • SILCS-FragMaps
    • SILCS-Hotspot
  2. SILCS in Silico Screening

    • SILCS-Pharm
    • SILCS Docking (SILCS-MC)
    • MD Simulations (CGenFF)
    • Ligand Based QSAR
  3. Hit Confirmation

    • Experimental Confirmation
  4. Hit Expansion

    • Similarity Screen
    • SILCS-MC ranking and target specificity
    • Druglikeness
    • HSA Binding
    • P450 enzyme binding
  5. Expansion Confirmation

    • Experimental Confirmation
  6. Lead Optimization

    • SILCS-MC
    • SSFEP

accelerate your results with SilcsBio

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