SilcsBio and Dalriada Drug Discovery Launch Partnership to Create a Rapid Drug Discovery Service Suite

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: June 11, 2020, Baltimore, MD and Toronto, ON – SilcsBio, a technology company that develops innovative software and provides services for structure-based drug design, and Dalriada Drug Discovery, a full service small molecule drug discovery contract research organization supporting global innovators through its TURN-KEY™ model, today announced the launch of a formal partnership to enable enhanced support for their clients’ programs.

SilcsBio, LLC Receives Phase II NIH SBIR Funding

Baltimore, Maryland: SilcsBio, LLC announced today a $1.3 million funding award from the National Institute of Health to develop new computer aided drug design (CADD) software. CADD software enables pharmaceutical companies to rapidly identify new drug opportunities and reduce the overall costs and time requirements to bring drugs to market.

SilcsBio, LLC Announces Release of CGenFF 2.0.0

Baltimore, MD, 15 November 2016 – Version 2.0.0 is the second release of CGenFF program, extending support to a larger variety of drug-like molecules to be used routinely in Computer-Aided Drug Design projects. Specifically, it improves treatment of halogen bonds, by introducing lone-pairs onto the halogen atoms of aromatic systems.

SilcsBio, LLC Announces Release of CGenFF 2.1.0

Baltimore, MD, 4 March 2017 – In ongoing efforts to improve the coverage of the CGenFF program, version 2.1.0 of the CGenFF program extends support to the S-P bond found in the GTP-gamma like molecules. Bonded parameters and charge-distribution along the S-P bond were modeled using the CHARMM nucleic acid force-field patches for mono- and di-thio substitutions (toppar_all36_na_reactive_rna.str).

SilcsBio, LLC Announces Release of CGenFF 2.3.0

Baltimore, MD, 26 April, 2019 – In ongoing efforts to improve the coverage of the CGenFF program, version 2.3.0 of the CGenFF program improves support for a variety of molecules via explicit parametrization of the molecules outlined below and features improvements for halogen-protein interactions.

New SILCS-MC Study Demonstrates Improved Performance with Machine Learning Optimization

May 16, 2019, Baltimore, MD – SilcsBio, a company that develops commercial software and related services for structure-based drug design, today announced that established Site-identification by ligand competitive saturation-Monte Carlo (SILCS-MC) approaches were applied to seven protein targets and 551 ligands, correctly predicting relative affinities an average of 69% of the time.

GEn1E Lifesciences, a Y Combinator-Backed Company, Granted Exclusive License for University of Maryland, Baltimore Drug Portfolio Compound

GEn1E is developing cures for inflammatory diseases based on a next-generation p38a kinase inhibitor program.

PALO ALTO, Calif. and BALTIMORE, Dec. 3, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — GEn1E Lifesciences Inc., a Y Combinator-backed biotech startup focused on curing inflammatory and age-related diseases, announced today that it has acquired an exclusive, worldwide and all-fields license to the University of Maryland, Baltimore’s (UMB) specific and function selective p38a kinase inhibitor program.