• We are thrilled to announce the launch of the CGenFF Web App by SilcsBio. To celebrate this milestone, we recently hosted a webinar that delved into the capabilities and applications of the CGenFF platform. What is CGenFF? CGenFF, short for CHARMM General Force Field, represents a force field parameterization program designed to enhance accuracy and [...]

    Published On: July 11th, 2024
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  • The CGenFF software that has helped the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies better design their drugs will now be available as a pay-per-molecule web tool.   July 10th, 2024, Baltimore, MD - SilcsBio, which develops computational chemistry software for drug design and biologics formulation, launched the CGenFF Web App today. This product will make SilcsBio’s well-validated [...]

    Published On: July 10th, 2024
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  • In the study in part conducted by Asuka Orr the focus is on the crucial role of excipients in the formulation of biologics. Biologics, or protein-based therapeutics, are essential in modern medicine but face challenges such as phase separation and high viscosity due to protein-protein interactions (PPI). These issues can be mitigated by carefully selecting [...]

    Published On: March 4th, 2024
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  • Dive into our 2024 Software Release Webinar that took place on February 15th, 2024. Discover the groundbreaking advancements introduced in SILCS v2024 through our comprehensive webinar recording. This session unveils the latest enhancements designed to propel the drug industry, such as computational modeling and bioinformatics, into a new era of efficiency, precision, and innovation. Now [...]

    Published On: February 19th, 2024
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  • Sign up here! CADD in an industrial setting requires high accuracy with maximum throughput to drive the drug discovery process. The SILCS technology, in conjunction with the CGenFF program, attains this at an unprecedented level through the use of pre-computed FragMaps that can be used throughout the drug discovery and optimization process. [...]

    Published On: August 23rd, 2023
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