Visualize Drug Design in a Whole New Way

Visualize Drug Design in a Whole New Way

SilcsBio provides computer-aided drug design solutions that dramatically accelerate and improve small molecule and biologic drug discovery pipelines..

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SilcsBio Response to Covid-19

SilcsBio Response to Covid-19

SilcsBio has created a FragMap library of many of the proteins of the Covid-19 virus to drive your drug discovery efforts.

Covid-19 Main Protease FragMap


Site-Identification by Ligand Competitive Saturation

Our proprietary CADD software technology, SILCS, generates highly accurate 3D free energy maps called “FragMaps” which account for conformational nuances to reveal hidden pockets of opportunity.

SILCS FragMaps technology gives you an intuitive way of interacting with and visualizing the entire protein surface, further enabling your drug discovery team to:

  • Accelerate drug discovery timelines
  • Enhance high throughput screening to drive hit selection
  • Reduce drug development costs
  • Bolster drug development pipelines
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Why SilcsBio outperforms all others

SILCS is built on rigorous free energy calculations employing:

  • Multiple small molecule probes with diverse functional groups
  • Explicit solvent modeling
  • Target molecule flexibility
  • Advanced sampling methods (GCMC/MD) to identify cryptic pockets

The proof is in the details


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Our team is committed to delivering the fastest, most reliable drug designs for your highest value drug programs. We are committed to providing our expertise and technology to unlock a whole new world of possibilities for you and your team.

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